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All Things Integration Meetup: Deep Visibility - Logging from Distributed Microservices
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All Things Integration Meetup: Salesforce Integration on Dell Boomi
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What We Do

We Deliver Integration as a Competitive Advantage

Winning is easier when your systems and process work together like they should.

Organizations that get integration right innovate more, adapt quicker, and move faster...all while using fewer resources.


Unlocking the potential of integrated systems reveals game-changing ideas and new value.


Leverage existing systems and investments to quickly bring new solutions to market.


Seize the advantage today while setting the stage for the future with strategic integration. New capabilities, new systems, and evolving opportunities rely on planned agility.


Streamlined process and integrated systems reduce cost and improve efficiency. Reinvest on strategic initiatives to accelerate change and competitive advantage.

API Enablement & Security

APIs enable reuse, speed, and propel innovation. Expose your system’s core capabilities once, then achieve and surpass ROI expectations with continued and innovative reuse. A centrally managed API portfolio is also easier to secure.

Big Data Movement & Visualization

The convergence of integration and big data opens the door to a competitive advantage. When data movement and curation are aligned, deep insights become available right when you need them, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Cloud & Serverless Integration

Serverless and hybrid integration solutions scale infinitely, are easier to maintain, and significantly lower costs. Cloud implementations allow our customers to retire costly platform products and focus on solutions that rely on flexibility and scalability without capital expenses for infrastructure.

Data Synchronization & Replication

When decision making demands near-real-time action, rely on streaming data and real-time analytics. Replace costly and backward-looking dashboards that require human interpretation and response with elegantly designed automated processes.

Process Automation, Monitoring & Logging

By logging and monitoring elements of your integration solutions to enable digital process automation, you save time and money by reducing missed deadlines, failures, inconsistencies and errors.

Streaming Data & Analytics

When decision making demands near-real-time action, rely on streaming data and real-time analytics. Replace costly and backward-looking dashboards that require human interpretation and response with elegantly designed automated processes.



You know your goals. We know how to reach them. With your vision defined, we chart a customized and methodical course of action uniquely tuned to your business.


Initiatives grow and accelerate when a structure exists to work within, without unnecessary side paths or unproductive rabbit holes.


To get from high-level planning to implemented solution—quickly, efficiently, and with the highest ROI—you need to know the assets you have and where new thinking can speed value realization.


Getting from strategy and design to digital value means developing the right solutions, doing it well, and having them available when they’re needed.

Coaching & Staffing

Technology changes rapidly, and you need team members who understand the solutions you have before you today and the ones you’ll need tomorrow.

Technology & Partners

We partner with the world’s most powerful technologies to deliver best-in-class data solutions.

The Big Compass Difference


We apply our creativity, experience from over 300 integration projects, industry knowledge, multisystem mindset, and curiosity to imagine realistic business solutions that are best for our customers.

Elegant Design

We analyze potential solutions to understand their ability to achieve immediate results and the impact of reuse, future changes, and operational efficiencies. The return on investment of an expertly crafted integration solution can be exponential with expert design.

Multi-System Thinking

We understand integration is about building connections beyond the obvious and think beyond the endpoints. Multi-system thinking helps our customers implement solutions that aren’t reproductions of low-value point to point and cloned easy-button projects.


We know the ebb and flow of large IT projects, and the risks. Projects change, priorities shift, and complications arise. When unplanned situations arise, we respond. We accelerate implementation and can help you get to project completion faster.


The lines of management at Big Compass are small.  Have a problem you want to discuss? Our Partner and Managers will readily make themselves available. There is no attempt to shield customers from the firm’s leadership or our honest assessment.


If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That’s why we’ll always cut out the hyperbole and typical consulting company BS to expose your options and best path forward.