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All Things Integration Meetup: Deep Visibility - Logging from Distributed Microservices
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All Things Integration Meetup: Salesforce Integration on Dell Boomi
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Who We Are

Building Connections in a Disconnected World

We believe that a more connected world is a better world.  When data, systems, and processes are seamlessly connected, they generate more for the organization they are in.  Similarly, when people are connected through teams, communities, and organizations, they produce better outcomes for everyone. Building communities and integrating technologies is how humans have survived and thrived.

Our future depends on us continuing to connect and integrate. Technology is generating new concepts and ideas at an ever-increasing rate.  Many organizations are struggling to create or integrate the right mix of new tools and technologies to stay relevant.  The speed at which companies are replaced on the S&P 500 is dramatically increasing.  At the same time, individuals and communities are struggling with the impact of technology on their lives.  A recent UCLA study found each successive generation of Americans is actually getting lonelier, despite decades of technological innovation aimed at solving that problem.  A recent Harvard study concludes that the single most significant predictor of an individual’s mental and physical health is the depth and number of relationship connections they have.

Connecting with the people of our communities and connecting the systems that support them is what motivates us at Big Compass.  We hope to help the world lean on each other a little more, leaving it a little better than the way we found it.

Tim Merkel


Kapil Kumar


Shane Fisher

Boomi Practice Manager

Aaron Lieberman

Cloud Practice Manager

Linda Gunn

HR & Operations Director

Brian Statkevicus

MuleSoft Practice Manager

Core Values


We proactively build genuine connections to strengthen our communities


We pursue elegance through passion and expertise


We celebrate the unique personalities that brighten our workday


We are driven to explore by our insatiable curiosity


We put ideas before egos


Our reputation is only as good as our people; and our reputation is very good. We have cultivated a family-like culture through leadership that is sincere, compassionate, and hands-on. Creative thinkers and innovators are rewarded with resources to explore new things.

Are you a tenured professional looking to surround yourself with smart people? Do you value sincerity, compassion, and hands-on wisdom in your leadership? Do you love tech, but feel you are missing out on the human connection?

We can put you on the path towards personal and professional growth all while creating lifelong bonds with your peers and industry leaders.

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The Big Compass Name

Middle English: from Old French compas (noun), compasser (verb), based on Latin com- ‘together’ + passus ‘a step or pace’. Several senses (‘measure’, ‘artifice’, ‘circumscribed area’, and ‘pair of compasses’) which appeared in Middle English are also found in Old French, but their development and origin are uncertain. The transference of sense to the magnetic compass is held to have occurred in the related Italian word compasso, from the circular shape of the compass box.