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Measure twice, cut once. The adage of carpenters applies to technology solutions as well, where designing software solutions prevents waste and mistakes and ensures the results of your work are better than where you started.

This equally applies to integration and cloud projects. Reuse is key to flexibility and speed, but reuse doesn’t happen by accident. With a cohesive and well-designed solution design, you’ll have the groundwork for rapid development, cost-savings, and innovation.

Example Engagements

  • Technical analysis and gap analysis of existing systems and applications
  • Assessments of environments, security, and resources for performance and optimization
  • Define business and IT challenges
  • Determine singular or hybrid cloud strategy
  • Identify DevOps, platform, and tools for your digital transformation
  • Define security requirements and appropriate responses
  • Proof of concept creation for capability testing
  • Interviews and observations with key team members and stakeholders
  • Creation of business case justification, including project scoping and budgets
  • Agnostic bake-offs with comparisons married to existing organizational assets and capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Make better decisions and take better actions
  • Have confidence in technology choices and project direction
  • Optimize existing environments and resources for maximum value
  • Gain insight into gaps in skills and solutions to better solve business problems
  • Create momentum for future enhancements and products
  • Leverage recommendations grounded in expertise and formed based on real-world needs

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