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strategy is about more than building APIs

Strategy is a fundamental component of digital transformation and goes beyond the desire to integrate two systems or applications, expose APIs, or deploy to the cloud. Digital transformation involves planning around organizational goals and understanding people are the core of value.

A one-off project may deliver a single solution quickly, but long-term one-off projects slow you down, frustrate your stakeholders and prevent alignment across projects and teams. A well thought out strategy gives your organization a solid foundation for sustained accelerated delivery and innovation.

Finding true north in your transformation plan

Big Compass’s strategy service leverages our experience across the transformation life-cycle to develop a purpose and path to meet your organization’s unique challenges.

We listen carefully to your organizational goals and objectives to build a map that creates a foundation for business agility while diminishing technical debt and increasing ROI.

Big Compass strategy services

  • Goal alignment with transformation roadmap and timelines
  • Current integration portfolio assessment
  • Future cloud portfolio assessment
  • Security risks and mitigation
  • Project selection and prioritization
  • A build-to-connect plan including asset reuse
  • Horizon mapping and planning
  • Skills gap analysis and staff preparedness
  • Define roles and responsibilities

The benefits of planning the road ahead

Move beyond the buzzwords to realize value, cost savings, and simplicity with a business that effectively generates digital value.

A defined integration and cloud strategy help position your organization to remove internal silos and accelerate innovation.


Be ready to respond to business needs with the right systems, teams, assets, and processes already in place

  • Be responsive to internal and external stakeholders by being ready to flex with them
  • Unlock business value through the rapid integration of new offerings
  • Standardize and stabilize systems for improved uptime
  • Understand strategic priorities for data-driven project planning
  • Build a future-ready, agile technical team focused on organizational needs

“While solving our needs, Big Compass also helped us set the stage for future success with reusable components, education, and clear guidelines.”

Terry Vohasek,
US Foods

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