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Guides for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Getting the right people with the right knowledge on the right projects is one of the toughest elements of being a technical leader. Technology changes rapidly, and maintaining knowledge and culture while taking on new projects is a balancing act.

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The right partner should be able to buy your team time to learn or be able to take on an entire project so that you can deliver business-critical solutions. A partner that will take the time to learn, and promote, your culture and your code. Whether learning a new technology or leaning on experts for help with a challenge, teams perform better with smart consultants and training to back them up.

Big Compass staffing & coaching services

  • Team optimization, knowledge sharing, and staff grooming
  • Professionally managed and highly experienced consultants and high-quality operators
  • Full-service project development or limited staff assistance
  • Periodic check-ins and mentorship on vendor-specific solutions, methodologies, and design thinking

The benefits of expert guidance

Working alongside skilled and knowledgeable experts accelerates learning and lends a positive momentum to projects and organizational change. Knowing that an organization has their back and is willing to invest in experts to help them improve will give both your projects and your teams a boost.

  • Inspire retention in teams with training and morale boost for project movement
  • Brings teams up to speed on new technologies and solutions
  • Get answers quickly with pros available during office hours
  • Adds layers of support

“While solving our needs, Big Compass also helped us set the stage for future success with reusable components, education, and clear guidelines.”

Terry Vohasek,
US Foods

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