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The Practical Guide to Serverless Cloud Integration

It is a shift in the traditional way of thinking how and where infra-structure is provisioned and managed. It’s a shift in theory and action in how applications are deployed to your servers. Serverless abstracts the infrastructure component of your applications allow-ing you to focus on developing feature-rich applications. And even more than that, serverless can be the catalyst for an organizational shift to broader collaboration.

This paradigm shift is one that is prevalent in today’s integration world. With serverless technology being the fastest growing area for all major cloud providers, it’s clear that serverless is the technology of the future. On top of that, successful serverless implementations can save upwards of 90% in ongoing cost, so what is not to like?

If your company has a culture of innovation, a growing list of integrations to support, the need to scale, and desires agility and the ability to move fast, serverless may be the technology fit.

Serverless will support the development of new revenue streams, open you up to new possibilities, and support your future business models.

This eBook will take you on a journey through the evolution of implementing a serverless integration. It will help you better understand the benefits and common blind spots of serverless, and it will act as a guide in deciding if serverless is right for you. Whether you are implementing a new system or application, migrating from a legacy system, adopting it on a small sliver of your system, or using it for your entire implementation, serverless will always provide benefit.

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