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Modernizing Grant Management with Salesforce and Boomi


Philanthropic organizations can provide forthe good works of community organizations through grants. But the grant processcan be challenging, and the management of grants and applications can becumbersome. We were approached by a major philanthropic organization that hadworked with several previous vendors to replace their existing brittle,custom-built, and redundant grant management platforms. Excited by thechallenge, we took a new approach to the problem and began to design a modern,Agile solution to manage more than $5 billion annually in grant funding.


The solution needed to modernize thefunctionality while simplifying the user experience. The approach was to useseveral best-in-breed applications, with Salesforce CRM as the base. Dell Boomiwas used to provide a nimble, cloud-first integration platform along with theindustry-leading CRM application and established integration patterns. Thegrant platform was rapidly developed using an iterative approach to ensure aviable product quickly and improved through a continuous integration process.


As a result, the first phase of the platformwas available to users in just six months. The grant-making process wasstreamlined, saving the organization time and money and, most importantly,getting funds to the communities served more efficiently than before. With amore agile and accessible system, the organization can now gain deeper insightsinto grant data, making future planning and grant funding more effective andempowering a more significant impact through their grants.

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