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Data Lake Simplifies Integrations for Global Pharma Client

Customer Scenario

Human resource management (HR) is one of thefew internal functions that touches every part of a business. That means awealth of data is available to HR. It also means hundreds of connection points ifyou are a Fortune 100 company. Our client needed to integrate their Workday HCMimplementation with internal and external systems to support the management andtalent acquisition activities for 30,000 employees and more than 10,000contractors across the globe. To accomplish this challenge, the client neededto address three specific integration scenarios: supporting existingintegrations, simplify and accelerate partner integration, and reduce thenumber of custom integrations to the Workday platform.

Solution Approach

The good news was that partners and internalsystems used a common set of data. The bad news was that each required customdata formatting, differing frequency needs, and different protocols. Bycreating a data lake on the AWS platform, we were able to process and storedata to enable standardized integration development. By employing a variety ofappropriate solutions on AWS - including SNS, Kinesis, Glue, Athena, DynamoDB,and Transfer for sFTP - we were able to take in raw data into an S3 bucket andbegin processing it. The data factory created for the project started with rawdata and cleansed, enhanced, and tagged the data to streamline informationaccess.


Before the implementation of the data lake,the client struggled with cost-effectively supporting internal and externalintegrations. This caused a heightened need for IT resources when updates were needed,or new partners needed to be onboarded. After the data lake implementation, theclient was able to support integrations with more than 20 internal systems,including portals and authentication requirements, and more than 150 externalpartners with specialized timing and format needs. HR was also able to generateunprecedented intelligence and analytics on employee performance, risks, andtrends for its global team. As an added benefit, the standardized data accesshas accelerated the team’s ability to provide ad hoc requests for regulatoryand compliance needs.

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