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Design a Path to the Future

Initiatives grow and accelerate when a structure exists to work within. Without a defined architectural framework, the journey to digital transformation can take side paths and head down unproductive rabbit holes.

Define the way to elegant design

Measure twice, cut once.

The adage of carpenters applies to technology solutions as well, where designing software solutions prevents waste and mistakes and ensures the results of your work are better than where you started.

This equally applies to integration and cloud projects.

Reuse is key to flexibility and speed, but reuse doesn’t happen by accident. With a cohesive and well-designed solution design, you’ll have the groundwork for rapid development, cost-savings, and innovation.

Big Compass Design Services

  • Collaborative solution design with staff
  • Apply proven integration patterns to solve event-driven data challenges
  • Identify goals for Cloud deployment: on-demand provisioning, serverless, cloud-native, API access, and other considerations Design solutions to handle large data sharing with an eye on reuse
  • “Shovel-ready” plan for clear implementation direction across technical disciplines
  • Clear documentation including canonical, mapping, and integration design

The benefits of a well-designed path

Architectural design guides a more effective journey. With the proper designs, the road ahead is smoother, and the hazards more easily avoided.

  • Projects delivered on time on budget
  • Create massive reuse, reducing implementation costs and putting a halt to technical debt
  • Increase agility and unlock innovation with an expanding and well-planned component library
  • Solution plans cover everything from high-level designs to system and solution level direction
  • Create business value, faster, with a structured and well-understood approach
  • Add clarity to development and processes
  • Document business logic for changes today and in the future
  • Establish best practices for reuse and good technical hygiene
  • Provide a path from sound design to well-executed implementation

“While solving our needs, Big Compass also helped us set the stage for future success with reusable components, education, and clear guidelines.”

Terry Vohasek,
US Foods

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