Denver MuleSoft Meetup on API Security, OAuth, and Access Control

As the Coronavirus lockdown is in full swing, we held our first virtual Denver MuleSoft Meetup on April 8th, 2020, using Zoom. Despite the lack of physical interaction, the event had a good turnout with a lot of participation. There was even some “networking” over Zoom.

This Meetup was popular, and many people indicated they wanted to attend. The registration number maxed out quickly. There are several reasons.

First, the topic is on top of many people’s minds since API security vital for many organizations, and security can be complicated. The audience wants to learn from experts who have implemented aspects of API security successfully.

Second, with the event being virtual, people from around the United States and different areas of the world to attend the Denver MuleSoft Meetup. With such a large and diverse presence, there were many different perspectives on the topic.

Mike Moore (MuleSoft), partnering with Ping Identity as the identity provider (IdP), gave an excellent presentation. He explained how the different layers of MuleSoft APIs could be secured using various forms of OAuth 2.0. This subject naturally made for a very interesting demo. It was instructive to see the APIs interacting with the IdP and securing the APIs using MuleSoft policies.

I’d say our first virtual Meetup was a great success. The best part? The security knowledge and content can be used for so many use cases as developers create new APIs in organizations around the world.