Chicago MuleSoft Meetup: Anypoint Runtime Fabric

At our 2020 Chicago MuleSoft Meetup, we had an in-depth session on Anypoint Runtime Fabric. After speaking with several organizations and asking questions at the meetup, it became apparent that no one in the area had heard of customers using Runtime Fabric. Through these discussions, however, we uncovered several needs that could be met by implementing Runtime Fabric.

As the Meetup continued, we found that several individuals had a great interest in learning about the inner workings of Runtime Fabric. We were able to go into detail about how Runtime Fabric operates, and, more specifically, how it maintains high availability with the applications deployed to a Runtime Fabric.

Lastly, we discussed the details of Runtime fabric’s deployment. We approached these conversations from an infrastructure point of view, as well as an application point of view. That way, both architects and developers could see how this product could benefit their customers.

Overall, this Meetup was highly successful. Organizations obtained more knowledge on Anypoint Runtime Fabric and how it works. Both architects and developers were excited about the idea of using Terraform to deploy Runtime Fabric to AWS or Azure and implementing it for a variety of scenarios. For more information on Anypoint Runtime Fabric, click here.