Tim Merkel

Tim Merkel is managing partner and co-founder of Big Compass

4 Approaches for webMethods Cloud Transformation

Your company has adopted a “cloud-first” strategy, and you are struggling to rationalize the impact to your integration scenarios: cloud-to-ground, ground-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud. You have concerns about business systems that require auto-scaling but rely on on-prem integration, unique security requirements for public APIs, and performance. What kind of backflips and performance hits are you taking …

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6 Ways to Recognize You’re Hitting the Easy Button

When you hit the integration easy button, you can cause as many problems as you solve. Many organizations have sacrificed long-term, flexible, resilient solutions on the altar of implementation speed. For instance, you’re probably familiar with this scenario: The CFO has acquired a new planning and budgeting tool. It has the ability to integrate with …

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Breaking Agile Rules

Breaking Agile Rules on Purpose…for Successful Integration Projects Not a true Agile disciple? That’s okay. Approaching integration with the mindset that they have to strictly adhere to Agile principles will add unnecessary complications to your projects and will cost time and money. Everything that works in an Agile environment will not always be applicable to integration. The value …

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