Atlanta MuleSoft Meetup on Log Management and Strategies for On-prem and Cloud Hub Implementations

While practicing social distancing due to the Coronavirus, Atlanta hosted its first virtual MuleSoft meetup on May 4th, 2020. Nearly 80 participants gathered from across the United States to discuss cloud hub implementations and logging strategies in on-prem.

After some casual networking, Big Compass’s Navin Kare started the meeting with an overview of logging best-practices. Log management is an essential part of application development and business, so it impacts everyone involved in the process. Because it’s so widely used, logging is a highly requested topic for meetups. Since everyone involved in application development must navigate logging, developers must be aware of best practices.

Next, Navin presented an in-depth demo of 5 strategies that covered On-prem and CloudHub MuleSoft installations. One of the strategies included an overview of a highly scalable solution that can handle a large amount of log traffic. During the demo, Navin also discussed using Splunk and ELK (Elastiseach, Logstash, and Kibana) as log management tools.

Lastly, there was a question and answer session. During this segment, we discussed a variety of use cases and reviewed scenarios in which Mule applications and log management tools could be deployed either On-prem or in CloudHub. Overall, this segment confirmed that logging is a favorite topic for meetup participants.