Assessment Services

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Prepare for the Journey to Digital Value

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. If you and your staff are to close to the problem, it might be tough to be decisive on what to do to correct the problem or even know if it needs to be corrected. Assessments can put you back on course or offer the tactical guidance needed to meet a particular objective.

Understanding how to get from here to there

Getting your head around your digital transformation challenges you face is the fastest route to extracting the greatest value from existing solutions. That knowledge can also prevent future rework and proactively address risks and potential pain points. With fresh eyes and deep expertise, our team can help you understand and solve your challenges, large or small.

Big Compass Assessment Services

  • Technical analysis and gap analysis of existing systems and applications
  • Assessments of environments, security, and resources for performance and optimization
  • Define business and IT challenges
  • Determine singular or hybrid cloud strategy
  • Identify DevOps, platform, and tools for your digital transformation
  • Define security requirements and appropriate responses
  • Proof of concept creation for capability testing
  • Interviews and observations with key team members and stakeholders
  • Creation of business case justification, including project scoping and budgets
  • Agnostic bake-offs with comparisons married to existing organizational assets and capabilities

The benefits of knowing the real challenges of the journey

Strategy points you in the right direction. Assessments are the catalyst for effective action. Big Compass gives you the advice of a trusted expert from an outside perspective with insight from across industries.

  • Make better decisions and take better actions
  • Have confidence in technology choices and project direction
  • Optimize existing environments and resources for maximum value
  • Gain insight into gaps in skills and solutions to better solve business problems
  • Create momentum for future enhancements and products
  • Leverage recommendations grounded in expertise and formed based on real-world needs

“While solving our needs, Big Compass also helped us set the stage for future success with reusable components, education, and clear guidelines.”

Terry Vohasek,
US Foods

How Can Big Compass Guide You?